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11 Responses to "What happens if we get a lady profound whilst in a Marine Corps Delayed Enlistement Program?"

  1. Mom says:

    blowup dolls can’t get pregnant.

  2. Hooker160 says:

    Then we get her pregnant, zero will unequivocally shift as distant as a troops part.

  3. Fear Naught. says:

    If you’re tied together to her, we turn the family man. Congratulations. However, right away we have to consider about your small one.

  4. expedigirl says:

    You turn a dad. Make certain we get a baby listed as your contingent as shortly as he/she is born. Congrats.

  5. ace15151 says:

    Well, we sense the doctrine upon what happens when we do not lift out quick enough.

    very couple of times can we have an Iraq fight as well as the sex fun in a single sentence

  6. BJ says:

    You turn a father as well as a Corp will concede kid await from your paychecks.

  7. mevadus says:

    It will have we wish to stick on up some-more right away which we have been starting to have to compensate for healthcare for your mother as well as your unborn child…

  8. krazzee_aj says:

    marry her as well as take caring of them both

  9. artilleryman89 says:

    If you’re in or she is? If your in we need to male up as well as wed her. Nothing changes, if she is..then idk.

  10. trazel187 says:

    You still go in to a Marines later. Then we contingency plead creation a kid a contingent so we can take lift of it. do not get wed since if we not grown up to not have a kid upon role matrimony could be vital ruin as a latest Marine. Save which shyt for later. Just be concerned about receiving caring of a kid as well as removing a mom upon her feet. Be a male for your baby as well as have certain it’s yours. Hate to receptive to advice cruel though we work in JAG as well as see a realities of hold up as well as I’ve been a patrol personality as well as crew sergeant in a infantry.

    Thank we for your destiny service

  11. monica7s says:

    Have to determine with Shock as well as Awe, do not get tied together only since she is pregnant. Do have certain which your kid has all he/she needs. And yes, have certain the baby is yours. The Military isn’t starting to give we the preference of being the “dead kick dad”, we will have to set up an subsidy for kid support. She’s pregnant, not you, so it won’t have any outcome upon your behind entry.

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