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Pregnancy Health Guide » Pregnancy Signs » My dog is 6 weeks profound what kind of signs should she be showing?

My dog is 6 weeks profound what kind of signs should she be showing?

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by Curtis Cronn

Question by ILuvMyPit: My dog is 6 weeks profound what kind of signs should she be showing?
My lady is 6 weeks profound (on purpose) as well as she isnt display as well most signs. Shes an American Pitbull terrior as well as is somewhat incomparable by her rib enclosure as well as her boobs have been somewhat enlarged, though if we didnt know her we wouldnt be means to discuss it she was pregnant. Should she be flattering large during this point? When should she unequivocally LOOK similar to a profound dog? And what alternative signs should i be seeking for during this theatre in pregnancy?

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Answer by none
Please sterilise your dog

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6 Responses to "My dog is 6 weeks profound what kind of signs should she be showing?"

  1. †mongrel momma† says:


    It shouldn’t be hard. Take her to the vet. See if we can have her spayed, as well as stop being the BYB. While you’re during it, sense to spell your breed’s name.

  2. Shree says:

    She competence usually have similar to the integrate of pupies if the her initial litter, she should during slightest get the small bigger soon.

  3. nosaj says:


    Have your dog as well as all pups fixed…before they leave your home.Stop being partial of a problem,be partial of a solution.The multiply as well as universe do not need any some-more feeble bred Pit Bulls.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Excellent links Nosaj.

    So we creed this IS the b*tch which had heartworm as well as not usually which though we have corresponding her upon her 2nd deteriorate as well as she is usually 1 yr as well as the couple of months now.

    Very obliged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BookFace says:

    She competence not be carrying most pups. Dogs aren’t similar to people. Her stomach wouldnt strech the building or anything. She’ll get the small bigger, though wouldnt be huge similar to the human. Have her hurl over onto her behind as if we were starting to massage her swell – if it is the full of health pregnancy, we will feel the babies moving. She will need the place to broach as well as young dog the pups, begin removing it ready right away so she knows where she can go.

    I agree, we should get your dog fixed, or during the really slightest take her to the vet, though for now… we suspect all we can do is give my 2cents.

  6. TK says:

    Six weeks, that’s 6×7=35 days along. The zygotes do not make until Day 18. There isn’t fetal calcification until after Day 28. Now is a soonest there is anything most to show. She has an additional twenty-five to thirty days still to go as well as this is when a fetuses have been commencement to demeanour similar to dogs as well as putting upon a little size.

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