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Pregnancy Health Guide » Pregnancy Symptoms » 36 weeks profound pointy suffering in vagina as well as reduce back?

36 weeks profound pointy suffering in vagina as well as reduce back?

Question by D: 36 weeks profound pointy suffering in vagina as well as reduce back?
I’m 36 weeks profound as well as a final integrate of days I’ve been removing a little unequivocally pointy heedfulness in a vagina area as well as reduce behind (pretty most a rectum area). Wondering if this equates to which I’m tighten to starting in to labour. we had a healthy premature birth final year as well as a heedfulness in a reduce behind were unequivocally similar, usually they got a lot worse as a premature birth progressed.

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Answer by greenstarrs
I recollect which we would get pointy heedfulness in a vagina as well as rectum area tighten to a finish of my pregnancy… we additionally had a little reduce behind suffering as well as a cousin warned me of behind labor. we unequivocally didn’t consider anything of it compartment a night we went in to labor… we had agonizing behind labor… Not to shock you. The reason we had behind work was since my baby was breech. All a approach by a finish where we was starting to a alloy each integrate of days they would check me as well as insincere they were feeling his conduct though it was his booty! They didn’t find out until my H2O broke… we did have unequivocally bizarre movements though we suspicion he was only active turns out he was flipping around saving me from carrying to push(I did not wish to push). So only something to keep in thoughts may be speak to your alloy about. we listen to behind work is a pointer of breech though could be anything everybody is different.

Good Luck as well as Conratulations!!!!

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3 Responses to "36 weeks profound pointy suffering in vagina as well as reduce back?"

  1. Expecting Baby 3 says:

    I am 37 weeks as well as have had a same arrange of suffering additionally waondering what it is, if we find out I’ll discuss it you

    Kimmy xx

  2. ArmyWife w/ 2 Boys Prego w/ Girl says:

    When we was profound with my initial we recollect towards a finish we had horrible needle similar to heedfulness in my vagina. My OBGYN told me which it was a baby’s conduct attack opposite a cervix. Nothing large really.
    Sometimes when we felt him pierce we would get which needle feeling down there again. When he would pierce a little some-more it went away.
    I had it again with my second baby. we had a opposite OBGYN (I was tall risk with him.), as well as she told me a same thing. She told me infrequently a baby can press down, as well as we will feel it in a rectum area.
    I am 32 weeks today, as well as only proposed feeling a needle similar to heedfulness in my vagina again. If we lay down with a sham in between my legs it goes away.
    Also keep in thoughts which around this time a baby can be up to 4 pounds by now. Your reduce half is not unequivocally operate to carrying an additional 4 pounds or so pulling down upon it, so it will hurt/ be worried a bit. In actuality my mother was an OBGYN for years, as well as told me it was due to a baby’s weight. The muscles down there have some-more to support.

    I get a bit frightened as well given with my second baby during 34 weeks we was carrying reduce behind pain, as well as mins after we had a rush of blood. It finished up being a placenta abruption (The baby is fine now. He is a full of health fourteen month aged now.), though reduce behind suffering is so normal in pregnancy. we try to consider about which some-more than anything bad which had happened in a past with me.

  3. Logan and Ella's Mommy says:

    That is sincerely normal for being in a late 3rd trimester. The baby is many expected dropping which is putting combined vigour upon your cervix as well as intestines. If a heedfulness get worse or we have been still disturbed in a sunrise go forward as well as call your doctor’s bureau to see if we can verbalise to a nurse. Labor as well as smoothness during your sanatorium is additionally an choice in conditions of job as well as asking. I’m certain it’s small some-more than a baby has dropped. we had those sorts of heedfulness with both of my children. It doesn’t meant which work is approaching it’s only flattering normal for a final trimester.

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