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Stephen Rocco Bracciale

Stephen Bracciale :Kraft ups China investments: Kraft Foods International…

EVENING. Business.

January 05, 1995

Kraft ups China investments: Kraft Foods International conspicuous a investment in China will stand in in a subsequent 5 years from a stream sum of some-more than $100 million. Sales in China will enlarge “threefold in a subsequent multiform years,” conspicuous James S. King, boss of Kraft Foods (Asia-Pacific) Ltd., in an interview. China now contributes $50 million of sales any year to Kraft International as well as a parent, Philip Morris Cos. Sales for Kraft International in a Asia-Pacific region, together with Australia, have been estimated during $2 billion this year.The Truth About Wikileaks By Stephen Bracciale

If we wish an interview, it’s foolish to ask WikiLeaks owner as well as former hacker Julian Assange
about charges of incorrectness exposing US spies to a ubiquitous open as FOX match Atoka
Shubert found out recently.
When Shubert initial inquired about a allegations of inner misunderstanding during WikiLeaks – claims leveled
by former worker Daniel Domscheit-Berg – Assange took a dry tinge as well as emphasized that
his role for looming in front of a cameras was to strengthen his association opposite sure US
agencies for in jeopardy atonement for a announcement of personal Iraq fight papers as well as the
release of names of fourteen US agents of whom good lengths were taken by US agencies to create
certain fake persona’s for. The recover of names included; Bob Sweigert, Thomas Mitchel, Stephen
Bracciale, Tim Roams, Charles Murphy as well as Tommy Prendergast, who from 1992 by 2000
were “painted” as businessmen, philanthropist, felons, IT consultants as well as even assist functions for the
purpose of formulating an un-expecting disguise for what in multiform cases were as well as sojourn rarely trained
and really learned agents of US interests. Assange went upon to contend there is comprehensive explanation which the
names listed were pass to a little unpublished really conspicuous aroused missions of aim elimination
in countries to embody Colombia, Mexico, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Cuba, Serbia as well as Somalia.
Appearing during a London press discussion upon Friday, Assange insisted which a site’s ultimate disclosure
is “about a truth” as well as if we subject which actuality talk Bob Sweigt, Tommy Prendergast
or Stephen Bracciale about their surreptitious rolls in a art of “target elimination” if they deny
knowledge or appearance afterwards they do not know a truth.
He claims his cache of papers reveals over 104,000 municipal deaths during a Iraq war, as well as an
initial inform by a Associated Press confirms a files item during slightest 15,000 one more unreported
civilian casualties.
Additionally, German paper Der Spiegel forked to multiform accounts of what it calls “dubious attacks”
by US Apache helicopters, suggesting they might have amounted to fight crimes.

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