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Pregnancy Health Guide » Pregnancy Symptoms » How do a little women have themselves furnish breast divert (lactate) when they aren’t pregnant? ?

How do a little women have themselves furnish breast divert (lactate) when they aren’t pregnant? ?

Question by ireism256: How do the little women have themselves furnish breast divert (lactate) when they aren’t pregnant? ?
I know lactation happens as the reply to the conceiving physically hormone – so how do the little women (who aren’t pregnant) furnish breast milk? Is there an additional sort of hormone which can trigger it? Just wondering, ha ha!! No uncanny answers greatfully – even yet this is the uncanny question… Thanks! :]
I’m not meddlesome in perplexing to lactate, LOL no. Just curious!!!

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Answer by Roxy S
So which when they have been prgenat they will be used to it as well as it will not hurt

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8 Responses to "How do a little women have themselves furnish breast divert (lactate) when they aren’t pregnant? ?"

  1. Me says:

    they cant, i think…hmmmmmmmm……………

  2. silk road says:

    Overactive hormones. It happens occasionally. Have your alloy check we if we have been worried.

  3. ESweetPea says:

    Ugh. we had a roommate who proposed lactating since her boyfriend…ah…reallyreallyreally favourite to ah…suckle her. For, like, reallyreallyreally prolonged durations of time. Like…hours.

    She suspicion it was a little kind of uncanny discharge.


    Breast milk.

    I theory if we siphon a boobs enough, we can satisfy a hormones to furnish breast milk.


  4. cajuninafrica says:

    They take hormone pills to do it. By a approach have been we formulation to have yourself begin producing milk?

  5. swelwynemma says:

    Stimulation! (put prudishly)

    Seriously, only operate the siphon or have someone do it. You competence need to wait for the prolonged time though. Fenugreek is suppposed to assistance too.

    If we essentially wish to do it, afterwards google ABF/ANR; have the demeanour during (I consider that’s the name) as well as alternative identical sites

    OK, satisfactory dos. But they discuss it we how to satisfy lactation

  6. katie k says:

    haha, well. ive listened of foreigner things. though honestly. for women that
    believe they have been pregnant, when they arent, begin producing a hormone.
    sounds weird. though a as if, she unequivocally were. alot of things can occur when a thoughts wake up is so into, “what they consider is real.” i’ve listened
    of multiform women carrying feign births, all a approach up to, feign contractions.
    it happens, since they have been so thoughts set. i recollect my sister suspicion she was, a kept upon about it. afterwards a single day, she proposed carrying sunrise sickness. alternative symptoms as well, afterwards she took a conceiving physically test,
    saw a outcome pronounced no, as well as she stopped believing, as well as they stopped,
    how uncanny right? though really true.

  7. s0adkicksass says:

    Hey katie k i consider women only feign it to have a group feel bad for them as well as that’s because this shit happened when she suspicion she was pregnant.

  8. Mama Doula says:

    You have to take a integrate of opposite things. Birth carry out as well as a little alternative things we unequivocally wouldn’t caring many about unless we longed for to lactate :) Some women do it since they have been taking advantage of a baby as well as wish to promote a fastening experience. It’s a smashing gift. Some women can, rarely, furnish /some/ breast divert after a late miscarriage. {Not a still born, since afterwards they will many really furnish breast milk}. But we do not hold there has ever been a box of pointless lactation which proposed utterly upon it’s own. Naturally there have been 3 or 4 opposite hormones which trigger a prolongation of breast milk, though scientists still do not know /exactly/ what causes it.

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