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Pregnancy Health Guide » Pregnancy Symptoms » Tight or distended vagina normal during early pregnancy?

Tight or distended vagina normal during early pregnancy?

Question by Bella: Tight or distended vagina normal during early pregnancy?
It feels parsimonious or swollen, im not distant alon during all, is this normal? It tingles alot which triggers me peeing i think, is which normal too? Any links to this recommendation would be great.
my breats have been unequivocally tender, though not bruise only unequivocally soft, is which normal?

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Answer by Donna
Sounds normal to me about both conditions! Your uterus backing is thicker since we have been pregnant. And your breasts have been proposal for a same reason,, hormones.

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  1. Jesse S says: is. It is similar to we have been ready intimately all a time..therefore we stay’s essentially really nice..believe it or not. Your father will adore it as well as so will you…sensations will fell SO most better. You urinating a lot since there is vigour upon your bladder right now…I’m 10 weeks along as well as we swear..all we do is pee..but this is my third as well as we know during a finish it will be so most worse. Enjoy yourself in your conceiving physically as well as suffer a changes in your physique right now…you’ll skip it later!!!

  2. sparklingeyes24 says:

    It is normal. As we get serve along all of which down there will swell. we am twenty-eight weeks as well as each time we mount up cave feels heavy.

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